- Baby's name: Domonique Ella
- Born to: Brett and Sylvia
- Due date: 12th October
- Birth date: 8th October
- Weight in kg: 3270g or 7p 3o and my smallest
- Length: 48cm and my smallest
- Head circumference: 34cm
- Length of Labour: A whole 42 minutes
- Method of delivery - c/s or vag: Vag
- Gestation - how many weeks/days at birth? 39+3

My story is:
I couldn't sleep because of Brett's snoring so I took my pillow and blanket and lay on the lounge.
I started feeling weird but I cant explain what i mean by that at about midnight. No pains just felt funny. At about 1 I started feeling waves of period pain. I didn't think anything of it as it is why I was in hospital the Sunday before. At 2am my bowel went and that was it. By the time I walked back to the lounge room the excruciating pains started.
I rang my mum and the hospital and my sister and by then I was having trouble standing.
My mum took only a short while to get here but by the time she got here I was feeling pressure and told her she should come with us just in case.
My story gets interesting here.
It was raining and my mum could see it was happening fast and ran down my driveway, slipped on the grass and went face first in to the neighbours fence. So while I was having trouble breathing through my pains I also was worried that my mum had broken her nose, she had blood dripping from everywhere.
Got to the hospital...yay..my mum ran for the doors and got a wheelchair. Never could have walked, I was going to die.
Got in there and the midwife immediately did an internal in the 30 seconds she had. I was 4cm dilated but she said it could still go very fast.
I waited for the next contraction and felt the need to pee, but when I got to the toilet the pressure changed and I needed to push (midwife was setting gas up during that time)
I got yelled at "don't you dare push"
Got back on the bed and the next contraction saw my waters in view. She asked me if I wanted my waters broken and when she did it straight away the pressure was taken away, at least for a little while. I needed to push and they were saying not yet. They were also saying breathe, well holding my breath made it better but I started biting on the gas piece and breathing in the gas, it made the pains ending a little more bareable.
That was it, I had to push on the 2 contraction from there and out came her head, her body was a much easier push after that.
So 14 minutes after we got to the hospital she arrived.
She is gorgeous and we cant believe she has such white/blonde hair.